The Polydor Years - Box Set (Vinyl New)

Виниловая пластинка. 9Lp x 180 грамм.

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Vinyl New
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Box Set
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The Polydor Years - Box Set
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Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow
1-A1    Man On The Silver Mountain    
1-A2    Self Portrait    
1-A3    Black Sheep Of The Family    
1-A4    Catch The Rainbow    
1-B1    Snake Charmer    
1-B2    Temple Of The King    
1-B3    If You Don't Like Rock 'N' Roll    
1-B4    Sixteenth Century Greensleeves    
1-B5    Still I'm Sad    

Rainbow Rising
2-A1    Tarot Woman    
2-A2    Run With The Wolf    
2-A3    Starstruck    
2-A4    Do You Close Your Eyes    
2-B1    Stargazer    
2-B2    A Light In The Black    

On Stage
3-A1    Kill The King    
3-A2    Medley: Man On The Silver Mountain - Blues - Starstruck    
3-B1    Catch The Rainbow    
3-C1    Mistreated    
3-D1    Sixteenth Century Greensleeves    
3-D2    Still I'm Sad
Long Live Rock 'N' Roll
4-A1    Long Live Rock 'N' Roll    
4-A2    Lady Of The Lake    
4-A3    L.A. Connection    
4-A4    Gates Of Babylon    
4-B1    Kill The King    
4-B2    The Shed (Subtle)    
4-B3    Sensitive To Light    
4-B4    Rainbow Eyes    

Down To Earth
5-A1    All Night Long    
5-A2    Eyes Of The World    
5-A3    No Time To Lose    
5-A4    Makin' Love    
5-B1    Since You Been Gone    
5-B2    Love's No Friend    
5-B3    Danger Zone    
5-B4    Lost In Hollywood    

Difficult To Cure
6-A1    I Surrender    
6-A2    Spotlight Kid    
6-A3    No Release    
6-A4    Magic    
6-A5    Vielleicht Das Nächster Zeit (Maybe Next Time)    
6-B1    Can't Happen Here    
6-B2    Freedom Fighter    
6-B3    Midtown Tunnel Vision    
6-B4    Difficult To Cure

Straight Between The Eyes
7-A1    Death Alley Driver    
7-A2    Stone Cold    
7-A3    Bring On The Night (Dream Chaser)    
7-A4    Tite Squeeze    
7-A5    Tearin' Out My Heart    
7-B1    Power    
7-B2    Miss Mistreated    
7-B3    Rock Fever    
7-B4    Eyes Of Fire    

Bent Out Of Shape
8-A1    Stranded    
8-A2    Can't Let You Go    
8-A3    Fool For The Night    
8-A4    Fire Dance    
8-A5    Anybody There    
8-B1    Desperate Heart    
8-B2    Street Of Dreams    
8-B3    Drinking With The Devil    
8-B4    Snowman    
8-B5    Make Your Move

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